Skateboarding Class Level 2

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Four 1-Hour classes


This class is designed specifically for those who have gone through the Beginner’s Class and have completed all necessary skills needed and are ready to push to new levels and learn new tricks. We focus on flat-ground, transition and street skateboarding to develop individual styles.

The following skills are touched on in this 4 week class:

  • Dropping in on quarter-pipes
  • Ollie development w/ obstacles
  • More technical turning and maneuvering
  • Deeper understanding of trick succession
  • Skateboarding vocabulary
  • Manuals
  • Shuv-its / Body Varials / 180 variations
  • Rock-to-fakie / mini ramp skills

We have time for the Beginner 2 students to practice afterwards from 1pm-3pm during the Beginners Session included for all class participants. Please be aware, NO COACHES will be present during the Beginners Session.