Beginners Only Skate Session

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Open skate focused on beginners to practice and improve skills.


1.5 Hours


Beginner-Only Skate Session is an open-free skate with instructors present, just for beginners.

Focused to put any student interested in skateboarding on the right track for progression. We welcome those who have little to no skateboarding experience, or those have the basics down and want to learn more!

This beginner session builds the foundation needed to advance in skateboarding, and the following skills and ideas are touched on by our coaches:

  • How to push, and the proper stance to use
  • How to learn safely and fall correctly
  • Skatepark etiquette, and interacting with others
  • How to control your board: turning, gaining speed, balance and stopping
  • The power of positive attitude and imagination
  • The basics of an ollie
  • Ramp skating basics
  • How to drop-in

If these skills have been accomplished, check out our Intermediate-Only Skate Session.