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We are looking for brands and businesses to sponsor the Fargo Classic event! 

We are opening tiered levels of donation. This is for donations only, if you would like to donate product please feel free to drop it off or mail it to the shop 641 E Lincoln HWY Dekalb IL 60115. Call (815)-756-5555 for additional questions.  

TIER 1: Sponsor | $100 

Logo on flier, Fargo Classic Tee. 

TIER 2: Major Sponsor | $250 

Social media post, Logo on Flier, Fargo Classic tee, & medium banner, 

TIER 3: Headlining Sponsor | $500 + 

Sponsor the grand prizes! Headlining sponsors will receive social media posts, Fargo Classic tee, a large banner, larger logos on the flyer & major recognition from the announcers during the competition. 

Please send all logos and materials in PDF format to info@fargoskateboarding.com. PLEASE add your order number and company name in the email.

Call (815)-756-5555 for additional questions.  

Please make sure all materials are print ready before sending! Please avoid sending JPEG images, they will NOT print well on a banner. If you are sending a logo please make sure the background is transparent.  

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