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This is the first of the famous Bones Brigade Videos. It was filmed at the beginning of the 1980s skateboard boom and was intended to show new skaters what had been going on in the sport during and after the 1979-1983 dark ages when very few skaters remained loyal to the sport.

"Just wanted to drop a note saying thanks for the DVD. I haven't been that eager to watch a video in over a decade and The Bones Brigade Video Show SE definitely lived up to my hype. Exceeded expectations. I haven't laughed out loud at a skate video for a long, long time. My wife even watched it (which is sort of weird). That video has so many memories for me. It was like being dosed when I first saw it a few days after buying my first skateboard (Vato Rat). I can honestly say it derailed me in the best possible way. ( Future Primitive would eventually steer me off the track, but the BBVS started the process.) That's some magic bottled up in that DVD and it's so important to have something of that quality available to remind people what skating's about." -Sean