Skate Lessons

For over a decade we’ve been developing a fun and safe way of teaching skateboarding that produces the fastest results. Through our team’s experiences, we recognize that each individual learns in their own way. We use words that resonate, demonstrate step-by-step examples, and encourage students to explore skateboarding for themselves which will lead into their personal practice and advancement. To us, skateboarding is not just a sport, it's a lifestyle which grows us in all areas of life. 

Check out our 4 class options below. All ages welcomed!

Beginner's Class: Saturday's from 9am -10:30am.

Beginner's Session: Monday's from 3pm - 4:15pm, 4:45pm - 6pm.

Intermediate Session: Tuesday's from 3pm - 4:15pm, 4:45pm - 6pm.

Want one-on-one instruction? Click here for Private Lesson's.

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