Theories Nyle Lovett LONGITUDE 2 Deck 8.5

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Nyle Lovett Inaugural PRO Board V2.  Honored to have Nyle Lovett as our first Pro for Theories Brand. We got his good friend and filmer, Aaron Christopher, to design his first graphic. Thanks to Aaron, his videos brought Nyle and Indiana, to our attention over the years.
  • Longitude 2 Nyle Lovett Pro Model
  • Based off the 3 glass Pyramid buildings in Indianapolis
  • Kinda wild Indy got 3 glass Pyramids buildings, right?
  • Original Artwork by Aaron Christopher
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • 7 ply deck made of Canadian maple
  • Stain colors may varyMade in Mexico
  • 8.5" x 32.25"
  • WB: 14.5"