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Skateboard League



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Fargo Skateboarding presents the midwest Youth Skateboard League. In an effort to create a stronger community through skateboarding we are encouraging leadership, healthy competition, and progression. The league is intended to help skateboarders with as much as we can offer to progress in skateboarding. Students will gain a deeper perspective of how they skate. They will be given a trick book to spark their interests in learning new tricks, track their progression, and set new goals. Each athlete will work with skate coaches to land the tricks of their dreams. Coaches will also help with competition style skateboarding as well as style in general. Skaters will be given extra points for recording their tricks. Video edits of the league will be made monthly. Points will be tallied at the end of each month and prizes will be given to the hardest workers!

Skateboard League Benefits

Unlimited Access to the skatepark during open hours (During the Full Season)
2 Hours of Instruction Every Wednesday 4-6PM
2 Hours of Training Every Sunday 12-2 PM (optional)
Points Rewards System with Prizes (Free decks, shoes & More)
Big Competition at the end of the season for Prizes
Sponsorship Opportunities
Guaranteed Progression
Supportive Staff and Community