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Intermediate MARCH Skateboarding Classes

Intermediate MARCH Skateboarding Classes

  • $ 59.99

Level 2, Intermediate Class (Tuesday Nights) 

Once an aspiring skater can drop-in and wants to take their skateboarding to the next level we will move students up to Level 2.  Intermediate students are getting comfortable going fast, can control their speed with pumping, and can make quick decisions to change their direction to avoid collisions. In this class we cover the more technical aspects of skateboarding and open students minds to all the variations of each trick. Some examples of skills that we cover include:

        - The difference between switch, fakie, backside and frontside.

        - Lip tricks (how to do axle stalls, slashes, rock variations, and more!) 

        - How to put tricks in a sequence, understanding how to flow through a park

        - The ability to put names to tricks

        - How to do a kickflip and other flip tricks



2 Hour Class (4pm-6pm) 

  • Includes UNLIMITED Skateboarding during open sessions all month long
  • The first hour from 4pm-5pm is dedicated to personal skate goals

1 Hour Class (5pm-6pm) 

*Must pass Beginners Skateboarding or be evaluated by the instructors to attend*


Can be purchased In-Store or Online 

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