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Beginners MARCH Skateboarding Classes

Beginners MARCH Skateboarding Classes

  • $ 59.99

Level 1, Beginners Class (Monday Nights) 

This is the best introduction to skateboarding that will put any student interested in skateboarding on the fastest and safest track to progression. Anyone can join the beginner class whether they have pushed on a skateboard or not. The beginner class builds the foundation needed to advance in skateboarding. The following skills and ideas are touched on in this class:

        - How to push, and the proper stance to use
        - How to safely learn, and how to fall
        - Skatepark etiquette, how to interact with others at the park
        - How to control your board: turning, gaining speed, and stopping
        - The power of a positive attitude
        - The basics of an ollie
        - How to drop-in



2 Hour Class (4pm-6pm) 

  • Includes UNLIMITED Skateboarding during open sessions all month long
  • The first hour from 4pm-5pm is dedicated to personal skate goals

1 Hour Class (5pm-6pm)  


Can be purchased In-Store or Online

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